Julian Bleecker


1993 - Ph.D. Program in History of Consciousness University of California, Santa Cruz. Concentration: Cultural and Historical Studies of Science and Technology
1990 -1993 Master of Science in Engineering University of Washington, Seattle. Concentration: Human-Machine Interface Design, Computer Science, Science Politics
1984 -1988 Bachelor of Science In Electrical Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca NY. Concentration: Digital Signal Processing and Computer Architecture

Relevant Teaching Experience:

Fall 1996. Ideologies of Technology
Introductory survey course on the history and philosophy of technology, with particular emphasis on the intertwining of technology, culture, and science. Simon's Rock of Bard College.
Fall 1996. Computer Gaming and Simulation
Hands-on and seminar course interrogating the nature of computer-based gaming and simulation techniques. Lab work included participating in a unique multi-participant semester long game of SimCity 2000, along with write-ups and journaling of the game. Reading material included urban studies articles, cultural studies of space, and computer gaming magazines. Simon's Rock of Bard College.
Sep-Jan 1993. Technology, Science and Politics
Assisted in teaching a course on social, political, economic, fictional and cultural specificity of technology and science. Professor: Donna Haraway, History of Consciousness, UCSC

Relevant Publications:

Urban Crisis: Past, Present, and Virtual. An analysis of the computer simulation game, SimCity2000 informed by race theory and cultural studies. Socialist Review, Winter 1994-95, v. 24, no. 1-2.
Incorporations: Zone 6. Book review of a compilation of writings on the ever changing relationship between humans interfaced and interacting with technologies. Afterimage, vol. 20, no. 9, April 1993.

Relevant Conference Papers & Lectures:

Mobile Realities. Paper delivered at the 2001 meeting of the 4S (Society for the Social Studies of Science). This paper presents the technical and social history of mobile realities and looks closely at the different kinds of mobile realities. September 2001.
Agency in STS. Paper delivered at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Product Design and Innovation seminar series. This paper raises the question as to how and if STS as a discipline can inform pragmatic and instrumental design issues within technology industries. March 2001.
The Simulation Crisis, presented at a workshop at Cornell University titled: Simulating Knowledge: Cultural Analysis of Computer Modeling in the Life Sciences. April 1996.
Gaming the Year 2000. This is a paper presented at the 1994 American Anthropological Association's convention. In the paper I am exploring the way strategies for understanding the future are articulated in the Maxis Corporation's computer game SimCity 2000. Dec 1994.
Gaming the Year 2000. Delivered at the 1994 annual conference of the Society for the Social Studies of Science. Nov 1994.
SimCity2000 and Urban Crisis. Working paper on the mutual articulations of urban crisis, race, and technology, presented by invitation under the aegis of Stanford University's Henry R. Luce Professorship of Biotechnology and Society. Jun 1994.