Scott Paterson: co-producer, co-designer, information architect
Marina Zurkow: co-producer, co-designer, character designer, animator
Julian Bleecker: lead technologist and programmer
Current implementation
From our research into PDA devices, this project is technologically within scope of completion this year. The interwoven components of mapping algorithm, hotsync, web updates to the PDA, and the visual "BLOG" are all attainable.
In addition to technical feasibility, we have a commitment from Creative Time to support the project both by acting as our fiscal sponsor for upcoming grants, and by being our principle distributor, as they are implementing the street-side kiosks that will beam PDA content beginning summer 2002.
Future implementation
We have been in discussion with Matt Locke at the BBC and the Media Centre in Huddersfield, UK about realization of this project on the hybrid cell phone/PDA's and on the European G3 phones.