Documentation for PDPal @ SUNY Buffalo 4.24-4.25
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Made a simple paper test of a possible cell phone version of PDPal goto pics about paper version
A small group of people made recordings using the paper versions. Here are the results. I've transcribed their writings into a simple database to generate a pictogram for each one. The pictogram uses imagery from PDPal version 1.0(Eyebeam) goto list of recordings and pictograms
I began to experiment with a location-based method of displaying the results. It's very crude. The recordings are stacked according to their location. The most recent being on top. To see any one of the recordings click on the list at left. Selected recording will come to top of stack and be backgrounded with orange. goto location-based list of recordings and pictograms
I've begun to build out an input form where we can test adding recordings. I will soon begin exploring VXML to enable access via cellphones.